The Dragon Orbs of Calhainshire Campaign

A metallic dragon orb is stolen by a rogue dragonborn and is ferreted away from the Dragon Empire of Calhainshire. The dragonborn managed to steal a small boat and took to the Emerald Sea, by passing Xentaria, and trying to make his way to Landenshire, a place where he thought he could hide the orb without his fellow dragonborn knowing its location. The dragon orb was the gold dragon orb, and with it now missing from Calhainshire the gold dragons were free of their dragon captors, many fled the land and have used their shape changing abilities to hide among other races, and those who are too young for that power hide in other ways throughout Yenao.
The dragonborn’s boat meets with a foul run in with orcs fleeing from a recent raid on Landenshire and he is attacked. A few days later the dragonborn is found on the shores of Landenshire by humans and the gold dragon orb is missing. Thus when the dragonborn awakes in a human village, he sets off the quest to release the other dragons from captivity and bring balance back to the Dragon Empire, least the world will suffer at the hands of mighty dragons who cannot control their actions. To further imply what the dragonborn says, a gold dragon, in human guise backs up his words and implies that the orcs of Xentaria now have possession of the gold dragon orb, and she can feel its pull.

In a series of adventurers, the would-be heroes of Yenao must prove themselves by not only retrieving the gold dragon orb from the orcs, and free any slaves the orcs have, making new alliances with other races, they must somehow get into the Dragon Empire and free the other dragons.

Yenao - The Third Age - The Orbs of Dragonkind